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 At your next trade show,,have your professional booth greeters

BODY PAINTED with your branding.  

Trade Show entertainment is proven to generate MORE LEADS -- because your message

stands out on the showroom floor, your exhibit draws more traffic, and prospects stay with you longer.


Make your upcoming product launch super slick with BODY PAINTED models doing the big reveal.     We translate your message into a sleek and professional body art design: one that's easy for your target audience to understand- and impossible for them to forget.

That's me!
Creativity Quote by Steve Jobs


Install a "selfie station" at that big conference you're sponsoring.  Attendees will line up to pose next to the models- who are BODY PAINTED with YOUR branding.  Then they'll post and share their selfies- and every photo will spread your message.


Make the year end awards dinner unforgettable with an innovative entertainment experience for your guests.  Put the model and artist on a pedestal - guests will LOVE watching the BODY PAINTING process take shape over the course of the evening.


OKAY! Now  Call Body Masterpiece 

-- because we're ready to start connecting you to your target audience through BODY PAINT.

Business and Art quote by Andy Warhol
Advertising quote by Marshall McLuhan

PS: We know that you are free to choose from hundreds of entertainment options, and we are honored that you've made the  choice to visit us here at Body Masterpiece.  We can't wait to send your brand's visibility through the roof! 

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