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6 Killer Ideas to Supercharge Your Trade Show Booth Traffic

1. To engage customers and prospects who were unable to attend the trade show, use a webcasting service to stream video to your website from your exhibit display. The webcast can take the form of a live "news program" featuring staff members who share the latest news about the industry and your products. Or, you can show product demonstrations and feature interviews with booth visitors.

2. Have a trade show magician or booth entertainer to attract exhibit traffic. Event performers meet with exhibitors before the show and incorporate the client's product information into their acts to help complement sales initiatives.

3. Have booth staff all wear the same company-branded clothing that includes the organization’s name, logo and website. This sends a message that your team is professional and cohesive. Have a drawing to give away the same or similar company shirt with your logo each hour or day-part. This is an excellent way to collect lead information from high-opportunity prospects.

4. Leverage online and social marketing opportunities including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook to complement traditional marketing methods before, during and after the show.

5. COMBINE 2 & 3! Have the booth entertainment BE the company logo! Painted in real time- getting attendees so curious that they come back to your booth all day long to see the progress.

6. Add #4 into the mix by providing a "selfie station" for guests to take their photos with the painted (with YOUR brand message) models and share them to their favorite social media platforms.

Trade Show Entertainment Body Painting

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