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Body Painter Makes Models Disappear

Have you seen the piece on CNN?

Are you starting to feel the buzz?

Word is getting out that body painting is not just for raves and crazed sports fans any more. It is finally gaining mainstream recognition as a fine art medium worthy of respect.

It's turning up in prime time commercials for coffee, airlines, and shower heads. On celebrities, in top selling magazines, and coffee table books.

There's even a hit TV show dedicated to the art form and the artists who create it!

The smart companies are riding the leading edge of this wave to great success.

--camouflage body painting by #bodymasterpiece_bodypainting

With social media taking the lead in customer engagement, they are realizing that this highly visual medium is an ideal way to capture the attention of their connected audience. An audience who then does the "work" for them by sharing and reposting their imagery faster than a spark can wipe out 1,000 acres of a dry California hillside.

How will YOU catch this wave and ride it to new heights of brand visibility?

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