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Alison Kenyon on Skin Wars Season 3

Hi, Alison Kenyon here- lead artist at Body Masterpiece- and I'd like to introduce you to Corporate Branded Body Painting. Body paint is HOT right now- in print ads, commercials, and viral campaigns- and draws attention to a trade show exhibit like nothing else. Talk about breaking through the clutter! And body paint is not just for booze and race cars any more! (though it's still a great fit) It's been used to great success by Springpath, LinkedIn, Fiat, CoffeeMate, Australian Air, and more. In the hands of a skilled professional with years of experience in the trade show, conference, and corporate event world, body paint is classy, tasteful, and tailored to your target audience. And now your booth's draw can be a "celebrity", too. Double your impact! As a finalist on Season 3 of GSN's highest rated show, Skin Wars, now on Netflix, my fan base is expanding- drawing people who are excited to see me paint live. Let's talk soon about your next promotional event, so we can start increasing your leads and pumping up your brand's visibility!

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