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The Nuts and Bolts

You know how these days attendees map their itineraries through the exhibit hall in advance?


Gone are the days when you could print your logo on some pens and the leads would pour in. [yawn]


Now, if you're not already on attendees' radar by the time the doors open, chances are they'll walk past your booth without a second glance.


Today's exhibitors have to start engaging attendees even BEFORE the exhibit hall opens.  


Viral Media INK combines BODY PAINT with live video events, pre-event teasers, real-time and follow-up audience engagement across your social media platforms, creating content that grabs attention, holds interest, and inspires shares- putting you LITERALLY on the map (your prospects' exhibit map, that is).


Still photography and edited video can also be used to grab traffic, drive engagement, and deliver the RESULTS  your brand needs to stay relevant.

Body Masterpiece presents:   Viral Media INK

Our fully-connected, professionally lighted photo / video studio allows us to

create a VIRAL MARKETING EXPLOSION for your brand regardless of your location!

With just a few days of admin access we can "be you" and create a frenzy of online

excitement for your brand wherever you are.



  • Media Kit- with everything you need for short term interest AND long term  payoff

  • Live body paint demo with Skin Wars star Alison Kenyon and professional models

  • Images that are liked, shared, and posted on social media. Let your audience do  the
    driving, skyrocketing your marketing campaign to viral status

  • Professional still photography posted before the event, featuring prizes and/or  
    content to pique interest and drive traffic to your page

  • Professional photography during the event for behind-the-scenes images and  
    social media sharing

  • After the event showcasing your artwork for the most social sharing

  • Live streaming movie on your business FB page

  • Edited and titled time lapse movie with licensed music -published on Youtube
    or Vimeo with  links to your business

  • Digital online gallery with instant downloads of your photographs and your  
    time lapse movie. Share the link with your marketing team to easily pass
    images without email attachments

  •  2-4 professionals who set up, monitor, and troubleshoot the technology. All equipment is provided. All we need is a Wifi connection.

Short Term Results AND  Long Term Interest

Likes and Shares need interest. Our latest movie started with four viewers until our engagement team started sharing with relevant news groups. And with the team actively responding to comments, passing along questions, and typing answers, viewership skyrocketed. Tech blips were handled effortlessly without interrupting the flow of the feed.


Professional quality images are shared long after your event.

Images are optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Shares and re-shares continue bringing traffic to your business years after the “event” ends.

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