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Bridal Quiz: Which Bride Are You?

Wedding Photography: Lenkaland Photography

Wedding Venue: Northern Queen Inn

Who ARE you?

Who are you as a bride... as a person? As a daughter, a friend, a romantic partner?

Who are you to others? Who are you to yourself?

A big piece of making your wedding day a true reflection of you is to really think about what matters most in your world.

What parts of yourself do you most want to share with your friends and loved ones on your big day?

Take this quiz to discover which type of bride you are.

1. Mrs. Unique Does the thought of having a reception that looks and feels just like every other keep you up at night?

Do you dream of a celebration that reflects your unique – perhaps eccentric – style and personality?

Are you searching for something that will delight your guests in a way that is surprising, memorable, and uniquely YOU?

Then you could be “Mrs. Unique”.

You will definitely want to bring in something surprising, that your guests have never seen before.

Body painted circus artists, transformed to flow seamlessly with the look and feel of your special day,

will delight and inspire your guests, and will be created to reflect all that is uniquely you.

The possibilities are as endless as your love, and the results will be as unique as you are.

2. Mrs. Theatrical

Do you have your heart set on a costumed or theme wedding, but find yourself struggling to picture your future in-laws or your Aunt Martha joining in with the story of your magical world?

Do you long to look out over your friends and loved ones and see them all coming out of their shells and joyfully playing along?

You might be considered “Mrs. Theatrical”.

Coming up with a costume can be a stressful proposition for those who aren't usually the costume type.

You need to find a way to make this easy – and fun – for your more timid guests.

Think about putting together a Transformation Station.

Include a rack of fun costume pieces, and a trunk of accessories such as hats, wigs, boas, and props.

Provide a full length mirror and let them go to town!

Help them put the finishing touches on their costumes with a theatrical makeup artist who can transform them into their inner superstars, draw them out of their shells, and get them into the spirit of your crazy amazing day.

Your guests will be able to relax, knowing that you've got this handled for them. And they will be free to fully enjoy whatever mystical realm you create for them.

3. Mrs. Fun

Are you primarily focused on having your guests get up, interact, and have fun?

Do you dread the thought of “dead air” - or wild-running children with nothing to do - between the punctuation points of your reception?

Are you longing for something that will be fun, interactive, and entertaining for the adults AND the children?

You just might be “Mrs. Fun”.

Entertainment is probably what you need.

A top notch magician can interact with the crowd,

creating little bubbles of excitement and facilitating fun interactions between guests.

A fortune teller with her “third eye” on the positive

can tell your guests all the wonderful things that are in store for them in the upcoming year.

A contortionist, acrobat, dancer, or stilt walker will not only keep your guests engaged,

but they will be a hundred times more compelling because they are painted to match the colors and mood of your reception.

And of course guests of all ages can't get enough of the fine art face creations.

If there will be 10 or more kids at the reception, you might even want to stage a special area for them with a children's entertainer, sitters, books, and a simple craft or coloring station.

With little bursts of entertainment popping up

throughout your reception,

the air will crackle with excited energy

-without being overbearing or overwhelming.

And kids will be kept content

so that their parents can actually enjoy the celebration

you've created for them.

4. Mrs. Epic

Is it your biggest dream to make your guests' jaws drop at the ceremony- even BEFORE you walk down the aisle?

Are you dying to blow them away with something they've probably never seen before, they'll TALK ABOUT for years, and will never forget?

Own it, lady, you are “Mrs. Epic”.

Imagine this:

Roman columns gleam white in the sun.

White chiffon billows in the breeze.

The wedding arch of white lilies is

flanked by two elegant marble statues.

As the guests are finding their seats and chatting idly,

the statues MOVE.

Some guests notice, some don't, but a buzz begins.

More guests stare to see if this was real or imagined.

They move again!

Gasps of amazement and twitters of laughter

ripple through the pews.

A statue comes forward to help Grandma take her seat!

She giggles in her sweet Grandma way,

then the statues disappear.

All seems back to business as usual-

until you walk down the aisle

with two living marble statues carrying your train!

“Memories that last a lifetime”

is a phrase that's often used lightly,

but in this case you can rest assured that your guests

will never forget THIS ceremony!

About / Contact

My name is Alison Kenyon, and for the past 20 years I have had the opportunity

to see the joy and connection that body art creates for people.

Body art REALLY does help people connect- I met MY husband painting faces at a friend's bachelor party!

He was very reserved, and only opened up once he was getting painted in my chair.

10 years and one beautiful son later, I believe in bonding through the shared experience of body art more than ever.

My greatest fulfillment comes from listening to each client's unique vision and personality, and then crafting a body art experience that is inspiring, surprising, FUN, and one that forms deeper bonds between guests.

I recently competed in Season 3 of Skin Wars, GSN's highest rated show.

This experience was a crucible that honed no only my painting skills,

but my ability to understand and execute a specific concept for a client and think on my feet.

Look for the season premier this April! (Sorry, no spoilers)

Call or email for a consultation-

I'd love to hear your vision, what you're creating with your wedding planner, and any challenges you may be facing.

If it feels like a fit, we can coordinate with your wedding planner for a seamless integration.

Mobile: 510-290-8242


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