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Competing with GIANTS at the upcoming Game Developers' Conference?

Are you planning to exhibit at GDC- the world's largest professionals-only game industry event?

Are you wondering how to keep from being pushed to the sidelines by giants the likes of Sony, Oculus, Nvidia, and Google?

Of course your product is exciting and innovative, and you have a core following that is eager to come to your booth and see your latest offering. But if your goal is to market merely to your core followers, why go to all the effort and expense of exhibiting at a huge event like GDC?

You want to figure out a way to capitalize on your share of those 26,000 attendees that the Big Boys are pulling your way- while letting them do the heavy lifting to get them there. What can you do to make attendees take a detour to YOUR booth- bringing you NEW customers and blowing previous sales records out of the water? After all, isn't that what you're really there for?

Body painting is a hot ticket- with international commercials, viral online marketing campaigns, and hit TV shows based on the art form. It fascinates us in a primal way, because it's surprising, fun, beautiful, interactive, and- as a counterpoint to all the tech we're surrounded with today- it's ALIVE. It's the kind of thing that gets people talking, sharing, buzzing, and coming back for more. And at GDC, that's the name of the.... game.

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